Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I blog!

Greetings and welcome to the first post of my first blog. Ever.
I once had a website, but due to too much work and some lazyness it was abandoned in 2002. Since then it has collected a nice layer of dust (and some embarassment for me on the rare occasions new friends and colleagues have stumbled over it), so I felt it was time to kill it off and start from scratch in this format. So let's see how this'll turn out.
Anyway; www.olve.net is hereby gone as of right now. Which is a bit sad actually.
A quick introduction of me:
I was born in 1973 in Oslo, Norway. I started out as a graphics artist in Funcom doing games back in the early 90's. Later I moved to Dublin where I studied traditional animation. I worked on a handful of animated features, shorts, commercials, etc, but when the studios lost interest in 2D-animation and jobs became scarce I drifted towards illustration and later to concept art.
One year ago I returned to Funcom where I am now doing concepts for their next game - which I unfortunately can't tell you anything about. Yet.
So. What are my plans for this blog?
I haven't got the slightest idea, but I guess I'll show you some of my work once in a while, share some interesting links and perhaps rant about whatever's on my mind - even stuff that's ridiculously irrelevant.
Time will show.
Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll come again. :)



Welcome to blogging, Olve! Glad to hear you're keeping busy. Don't forget about those of us still here in Muenchen!

Olve said...

Greg! Great to see you here!
Hope things are fine down there.

Andreas Westin said...

Hey Olve,
Great stuff. I'm looking forward to see more. Here's a link to my stuff:
www.andreaswestin.com including the famous norwegian Nisse :)

Olve said...

Andreas too! Amazing how quickly you guys show up here. :D
Your site is of course added to my links.

Kwramm said...

Great blog. I think I just discovered this one by accident, and apparently your blog skillz > mine