Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mare: Circus

I've had (and still have) the pleasure to be working with author Ruben Eliassen on his new book series called Mare. It's a fantasy trilogy and the first book called Mare: Circus is just out.
Last Monday there was a small release event in a bookshop here in Oslo. A large group of kids were invited as Ruben presented the book:

I was also up there making a fool out of myself infront of the lively crowd.

I did 20 illustrations for Mare: Circus plus the cover. Here's a handful of them.

I finished the illustrations for the second book yesterday and it's on its way to print as I write. It'll be released in August and the third book will be out in October.
Meanwhile check out Mare Circus if you can. It's very cool and it looks like this:


galvinator said...

these are fantastic man

tomm said...

freaky and deadly

Stine said...

Jeg gleder meg til å lese disse bøkene, jeg fikk en snik titt i en av dem og falt for bildene med en gang!
Vlad var kjempe kul :p
Ville bare si at du er en flink illustratør ^^,

Konnestra said...

Eg har så mye å sei om Mare boka..
Det er den fuste gongen eg har någensinne klart å lest 105 sider uten å stoppe på side 5.. Hele boka inspirerte meg så