Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Anarchy Online - Lost Eden (Part 1)

When I began working in Funcom last year I was assigned to do concepts for Lost Eden which is an upcoming expansion pack for their MMORPG Anarchy Online.
Just to get some artwork going here on this blog I have dug up a few already published concepts I did last year (stolen from ign.com all right):

One of the most rewarding things about doing concepts is to see it moving on the screen. Here are some models from the game based my designs:

I'll probably post more concepts from Lost Eden in a near future when I am allowed to.

I blog!

Greetings and welcome to the first post of my first blog. Ever.
I once had a website, but due to too much work and some lazyness it was abandoned in 2002. Since then it has collected a nice layer of dust (and some embarassment for me on the rare occasions new friends and colleagues have stumbled over it), so I felt it was time to kill it off and start from scratch in this format. So let's see how this'll turn out.
Anyway; www.olve.net is hereby gone as of right now. Which is a bit sad actually.
A quick introduction of me:
I was born in 1973 in Oslo, Norway. I started out as a graphics artist in Funcom doing games back in the early 90's. Later I moved to Dublin where I studied traditional animation. I worked on a handful of animated features, shorts, commercials, etc, but when the studios lost interest in 2D-animation and jobs became scarce I drifted towards illustration and later to concept art.
One year ago I returned to Funcom where I am now doing concepts for their next game - which I unfortunately can't tell you anything about. Yet.
So. What are my plans for this blog?
I haven't got the slightest idea, but I guess I'll show you some of my work once in a while, share some interesting links and perhaps rant about whatever's on my mind - even stuff that's ridiculously irrelevant.
Time will show.
Thanks for dropping by. Hope you'll come again. :)