Monday, January 11, 2010

Tomme Tønner Matte Painting

The very first work I did when I started in Storm Studios in October is now showing in the cinemas here in Norway. It was a matte painting for the film Tomme Tønner which premiered last Friday.
In the shot a barn is being blown to pieces resulting in a massive shock wave. The exploding barn was a model which was composited in later.
This landscape doesn't exist anywhere so in this matte painting I stitched together several landscape elements from photos and removed some unwanted objects:

Then I added a layer of the damaged field after the explosion - which actually is more or less invisible in the final shot because of the shock wave effects:

The shot can be seen at the end of this trailer. For some reason it's running at double speed in this clip.

Japan 2009

Maja and me returned to Japan in November 2009. We were there from the 7th of November until the 23rd and spent half of the vacation traveling around. We stayed at Kanaguya in Shibu Onsen, the ryokan which was the inspiration behind the bath house in Spirited Away. We visited Takayama, Kyoto, Miyajima, Hiroshima, Kurashiki and Yokohama before spending the rest of the time in Tokyo. In Tokyo we attended the 25th World Wide SketchCrawl and met up with a bunch of great people in the Tokyo sketch group (check the post below).
Also this time I've made a blog from the trip with a selection of the few thousand photos I took:
Olve & Maja in Japan 2
Here are a few photos from the blog.

Kid chasing rabbits in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo.

Jigokudani snow monkey park.

Autumn colours in Kyoto.

Bamboo grove in Arashiyama, Kyoto.

Daishō-in, Miyajima.

Deer in Miyajima.

Oysters in Hiroshima.

Vanish roller coaster, Yokohama.

Iidabashi station, Tokyo.


Girls blowing bubbles in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo.