Friday, September 17, 2010

Alvin Pang

The first two books about Alvin Pang are finally out here in Norway!
The Alvin Pang books are written by Endre Lund Eriksen and aimed at preschool kids.
I spent most of the spring illustrating these two books, each book containing 30 illustrated pages plus cover. The cover is 100% Photoshop, but the inside illustrations are done with pencil and painted digitally.
I'm very excited about the result. Designer Lise Mosveen did an excellent job putting it all together.
So after a fancy lunch today with Endre, Lise and the editors from Aschehoug celebrating the books, as well as having my illustrations fill almost one full page of a major Norwegian newspaper called Dagsavisen (and getting one on the front page), I felt it was appropriate to finish this Alvin-day with a blog post.

The first book is called Alvin Pang og en søster for mye and this is the cover:

Here are two single pages and one double page from the book (without text):

Here's the cover for the second book called Alvin Pang og verdens beste bursdag:

And again, two single pages and one double page from the book:

And finally two caricatures I did of Endre and myself for the back covers.
Enjoy. :)