Monday, June 28, 2010

Maria 30

Maria, my old colleague from Funcom, turned 30 and she held a great barbeque party this Saturday.
I finally got an excuse to do a caricature of her so I painted her this card.

The birthday girl with her card.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goodbye Storm Studios

Today was my last day in Storm Studios.
I've only worked there since last autumn, but for several reasons I already felt it was time to move on.
My next stop will be Gimpville. I'll join the talented guys in August after some weeks of freelancing and a couple of weeks off.
It's been a busy time in Storm and since February I've mostly been doing traditional animation for the first time in seven years which has been great fun. I can't really show any of that yet, but after going through my harddrive I found a few things I could share which I haven't shared before from my time in Storm.
First up is a poster I did for the "Kindergarden Day" which took place in March. Not really a common task to get at Storm, but I really enjoyed doing it.

Storm also did a Subaru commercial around new year. All the mountain scenes were done by matte paint projection on geometry and I was involved in most of the shots.
Here's one of the concepts I did as well as a more traditional matte paint showing the plate, the matte paint and a final frame.