Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Goodbye Storm Studios

Today was my last day in Storm Studios.
I've only worked there since last autumn, but for several reasons I already felt it was time to move on.
My next stop will be Gimpville. I'll join the talented guys in August after some weeks of freelancing and a couple of weeks off.
It's been a busy time in Storm and since February I've mostly been doing traditional animation for the first time in seven years which has been great fun. I can't really show any of that yet, but after going through my harddrive I found a few things I could share which I haven't shared before from my time in Storm.
First up is a poster I did for the "Kindergarden Day" which took place in March. Not really a common task to get at Storm, but I really enjoyed doing it.

Storm also did a Subaru commercial around new year. All the mountain scenes were done by matte paint projection on geometry and I was involved in most of the shots.
Here's one of the concepts I did as well as a more traditional matte paint showing the plate, the matte paint and a final frame.

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