Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reisen til Julestjernen

Reisen til Julestjernen is a well-known Norwegian Christmas play from 1924. Even better-known is the movie from 1976. A few weeks ago a new movie based on the play was released in the cinemas here in Norway.
Gimpville did some of the effects on it and I did some of the designs including The Northern Wind and Santa's workshop. The Northern Wind can be seen at 0:41 in the trailer and the workshop can be seen at 1:30.
Here are some concepts of the workshop's exterior and interior:

Gimpville Dump

It has been a while since I've posted anything I've done in work at Gimpville. So here is some selected stuff from the last year.
First out some character design work I did for three animated Coop Extra-spots.

Final designs:

Some more concept art:

I also storyboarded these and animated the first 15 seconds on this one (still one of my first CG-animation jobs ever):

Check out the other two films here and here.

Next up is this spot for Canal Digital. I did several concepts of the main character and the environment. I also blocked out the animation in TVPaint and did some backgrounds.

We did several variations of this, including one with a special offer from TVNorge. Here's a concept I did for that:

Finally some concepts for this spot done for DNB: