Friday, May 11, 2007

The Secret World

It's official!
And I can finally talk about it.
Today Funcom announced their next MMORPG after Conan.
It's called The Secret World and is the project I've been working on for a year now doing concept art. Some of them can be seen in this slideshow at VG.
And the press release can be read here - it also includes a link to the official site.
Enjoy. It's gonna be good!


gelf65 said...

I guess you where allowed to break cover when your sig is on some of the concept :)
The cityscapes are beautiful so is the plane crash
I also love The Magicians Knob...
are all the pieces yours?
Looks to be a really exciting project!

Olve said...

Thanks. :)
No, they're not all mine. Only the ones with the signature (obviously) and the cityscapes.
Guess I should post them here soon.

Wayne said...

Very good work on the cityscapes. Big fan of your color choices, it really did come off as menacing and depressing. Plus your "geometry" is just amazing.

squidmonk3j said...

great stuff - looking forward to more!...noticed how your's were the only one with a (very noticeable) sig:D

Endre said...

Hi Olve!
Interesting to see some of your new work, although I kind of miss your old gallery. Hope you'll put out more artwork. The cityscapes were definitively the best in this presentation, and I'm not saying that to be nice. I've put out a link to your blog on my -site. Hope you're OK with that. Endre