Friday, October 02, 2009

Goodbye Funcom

So that was it.
I just came home from Funcom for the last time. This week I've been going through four years worth of stuff which has been piling up around my desk and on my PC including hundreds of sketches I've done during concept meetings and other meetings. (What do you expect to happen when you put a group of concept artists into one meeting room? :))
First out is a selection of sketches and caricatures I've done of my colleagues.

Then a selection of imaginary characters.
(Oh, before you ask... No, they have nothing to do with the game at all. ;))

I usually got the task to draw cards for team members who were leaving the company, got kids or whatever. Here are a few caricatures of some great artists who moved on.

And finally. A clip of me chilling out in the animation department during the early days of The Secret World some time in 2006. :)


Enno said...

Le sigh. So many great people.

Dc. Rumpeltinski said...

Desde España sentimos el despido de tantos trabajadores, os deseamos una pronta entrada al mundo laboral y felicitaros por vuestro magnifico trabajo en funcom, especialmente tus ilustraciones que son buenísimas.
Mil saludos y ánimos para todos.

Dc. Rumpeltinski said...

Te pido perdón por mi desconocimiento del inglés.
Y te invito que pases (si te apetece) por el fansite tsw hispano y nos dejes algún comentario te lo agradeceriamos mucho pues tienes muchos admiradores de tu trabajo.

Un abrazo de la comunidad hispana-tsw.
Y 1000 abrazos de mi parte.

galvinator said...

Hey man, just visitin, all the best with the new job. Beautiful work here as always.