Sunday, September 30, 2007

Illustrations: Puddingtryne rir igjen

In 2005 I illustrated a book called Puddingtrynet. It was written by Jon K. Bratten.
This year I illustrated the sequel called Puddingtrynet rir igjen and it is coming out in the Norwegian bookstores as I write.
Here are some of the illustrations I did, starting with the cover.


clifford urban said...

ola olve!

great to see new stuff from you.
you are a really good artist and i hope to see a lot more stuff of you in the future.
nice xpressions and posings.......

best wishes

Greve said...

Your an amazing artist Mr. Askim. Got some very dark art there and I got to say that I love it.

But I wonder, where do you find the time? Being busy with The Secret World and all...

Olve said...

Cliffo: Thanks the same mate. Nice to see you dropping by.
Hope all is well with you.

Greve: Hm. How do I find the time? Have to admit; sometimes I wish the day had 48 hours. :)

B Roy said...

Hi Olve I really like your work and I'm glade too visit your blog.

Do you have any advice on becoming a book Illustrator (covers and Illustrations)? Also how would you approach book publishers?

My email is



galvinator said...

Brilliant stuff man! Great colour

paul o'flanagan said...

Lovely work here Olve. I'll be dropping in again soon

Gillian Comerford said...

Hi Olve. I do belive we where in the same college! You got some amazing stuff here too. The horror series for Kids book covers sent a chill down my spine. Excellent stuff.
Cheers for the comment!

Olve said...

b roy: Thanks for your comment. I've been so lucky to have the publishers come to me (by having the right friends and contacts), so I can't really help you with that.
Tom, Paul & Gill: So cool to see you dropping by and leaving your nice comments.
Your links have of course been added to my list. :)