Monday, October 29, 2007

Gesture Drawings #1

A small selection of gesture drawings done this autumn.
They're all between one and three minutes long.


Jason Tammemägi said...

Hey Olve,
Love the work! Man, you have become an incredible artist since I last saw you. I may have a small job doing concept work for you if you're interested. Send me an email through my blog!
Jason Tammemagi.

Greve said...

I wouldn't dream of putting words into Olve's mouth, however, I would be rather sure that Olve is fairly busy at the moment with his work at Funcom... Especially, with their upcoming MMORPG - The Secret World. Of course, I could be wrong.

And this leads me to my question, are the scetches you made by any chance connected with the project stated above Olve? I am desperately trying to find something that might connect The Secret World and your scetches together, alas, I fail.

Olve said...

Jason: Hey! Long time no see. Thanks for your nice comments mate! How are you?
Greve: Hehe. No, we're not making that kind of game. ;)
You wont find anything new from the game here before it's published some other place first. :)

Jason said...

Thanks Greve, I've lost touch with Olve's current work status but I'm sure he's well able to speak for himself.

Olve, I'm good! I've been directing mostly. A couple of shows, one of which I created and write myself and, as far as I know is starting in Norway quite soon but I'll have to check that. Been very busy though.

Your stuff here is very cool. Had a look through some of posts and you've got lovely creations here.

Anyway, throw me an email anyway regardless of work to let me know how you're getting on and to catch up a bit.

Char said...


I found your blog today. I'm a QA lackie at Funcom, although an aspiring concept artist :) I've been told a lot that figure drawing helps a TON with all other aspects of drawing and character design. That lead me to wondering where this session took place? I've been wondering where a figure drawing session would be held ever since I moved to Norway.


Olve said...

Jason: Looking forward to see your show! What's it called?
Pretty busy now, but please send me an e-mail. It's the same old.

Char: Hey. I ususally go two places. Mondays and Wednesdays.
You'll find all the details in the Artsy Fartsy thread on the artists-group. ;)