Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Secret World v2

It's soon been six months since The Secret World was announced - which is the game I am working on.
I haven't got any new work I can show yet, but instead of linking to a slideshow as I did in the previous post, I thought I could post some of it directly here.
First a couple of concepts:

Here are a few matte paintings done for the first website. People in Europe got London on their screen. People in other parts of the world got New York or Shangai.
Here are two versions of London:


Greve said...

Oh, very nice!

That's the first time I see the "original" post-apocalyptic version of London.

All I've seen are the ones over at

Olve said...

Wow. You are fast!

Greve said...
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Greve said...

Hehe, I usually check a few homepages out before I go to work (yours is one of them) and yesterday I just got lucky I guess :)

By the way, is there any chance to see the other cityscrapes of the three cities in the same version as the one above?

dCepT said...

Hey Olve! Var cool å svinge innom kontoret og hilse på på mandagen! Mad fete bilder du har gående her!