Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mare: Nøkkelen

The second book in Ruben Eliassen's Mare trilogy was just released in the bookshops here in Norway. It's called Mare: Nøkkelen (Mare: The Key in English).
I did 20 illustrations for this one as well plus the cover. And here's a handful of them. Hope you like. :)


Greve said...

Your incredibly talented Olve.

How would one go about to obtain one of your paintings in print? Do you sell them as stand-alone paintings or would I have to buy the actual work where they've been published?

lanfeng3d said...

very like your styles!

tomm said...

most impressive

Konnestra said...

Ååå jeg har lest den første boka.. Jeg tror jeg vil lage fanart av Mare engang!