Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Secret World Teaser #1

It here.
The first teaser for Funcom's The Secret World, the game I've worked on as a concept artist for the last three years.
I storyboarded this teaser. I also designed the location and did some early concepts of the monster.

Better quality here.


Kurtis said...

Olve, just read your post and want to say "Bravo!". This was a brilliant teaser.

Do you think you may be able share the storyboards and/or concepts with the TSW community?

(btw, I'm the owner of crygaia.com. Nice to meet you ;) )

Tim said...

wow has it been so long since i checked your blog last.

i love the trailer im not really a gamer SW just has something about it though.
So the thing about the trailer i liked best where probably different to most people.
I liked the moody corridor and i love that you can tell shes had a bad day as you watch her decide she deserves a strawberry milkshake and that it might make up for it.

Carisma said...


I find this necessary to write as I and a lot of other core fans of TSW are going mad, not by the riddles, but by not knowing the song in the TSW Teaser movie.

This has led me to do drastic measurements, as making this comment, to find if the song used in the teaser is made by TSW for the purpose of teaser or is it a real full length song.

In either case we would love to find out what exactly is the girl in the song singing.

If possible, please send entire song or link to it.

And no, there is no conspiracy.

Your truely
Keysler on TSW forums

Olve said...

Nice you liked it. :)

Kurtis: I'll be happy to share storyboards and concepts as soon as it's ok'd by the people who decide those things. :)

Carisma: Sorry, but I don't know much about that song. I just know that the composer is a very nice guy. :)

Mish said...

I have to say that you did an exelent job with the story board!
as a 3D modeler i know how inportant there is to have good sketches and etc.

if you have some extra time in your hand do u think you could drawn some rough sketches for a caracter that im stuck with?? (my e-mail is: Henrik_v_b@hotmail.com)

-Henrik Bjerknæs