Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Secret World Teaser #1 Storyboards

As mentioned below I storyboarded the first teaser for Funcom's game The Secret World which was released just before easter.
Here are my boards for the last part put together with grabs from the final teaser.
The guys at Digic Pictures, who brought our animatic and designs to life, did a great job.


Tim said...

wow they really captured what you intended well, thanks for posting these.

Fran Johnston said...

class olve. really nice

dCepT said...

Nice! Visste ikke at du hadde mekka storyboards'a :) Veldig kult å se side by side! Kudos!

Kurtis said...

Very very cool!

Thank you for sharing those Olve!

Do you mind if I post those on CryGaia.com?

Olve said...

Thanks for your nice comments. :)
Kurtis: Well. They're already online, so I guess that'd be fine.