Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Secret World Teaser #2 Storyboards

(And post number 100 on this blog! Yey!)
I did the storyboards for the second TSW teaser and again I grabbed some screenshots from it and compared it to my storyboards. And they match up pretty well (apart from the train scene which wasn't executed the way I intended, but that's not a part of this selection anyway).
I've mixed boards from several parts of the process. Some are coloured (we ended up colouring the entire storyboard for this teaser), some are rougher and some, like the last two, are from the very first super rough draft. In fact, that she fires the gun was later removed, but made its way back into the final cut. Enjoy.


Magnus Møller said...

Stilig! Gleder meg til å se mer fra dette spillet. Ganske detlajert for å være et storyboard, med farger og det hele. Inspirerende.

Nyte said...

Beautiful Olve! I really love the colorized ones.

I've featured these storyboards at

Thank you for sharing these :)

looking_down said...

Can you tell us anything about the inspiration behind the raven creature? What was the concept?

Olve said...

I didn't design that monster so I can unfortunately not tell you much about the inspiration behind it. But I think it involved ravens. :)