Friday, September 04, 2009

The Secret World Teaser #2

The second teaser for Funcom's The Secret World is out.
I did the storyboard on this one as well based on a short synopsis from director Ragnar Tørnqvist.
Designs were done in Funcom as well as the sound. Digic did the modelling and the animation.

Edit: Watch it in higher resolution here at


Tim said...

I like the way the themes follow on in the trailers Olve this one is a bit more sinister though..
The shot where it bursts into a cloud of birds is very nice.

Any chance of you posting the storyboard like last time?
I found it really interesting to see.

Kurtis said...

Brilliant once again Olve!

I would also love to see the storyboards if you'd share those with us. The TSW community loves those "behind-the-scenes" things.